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Notification of talk time


Notification of talk time[Abstract]Notify the elapsed time during a call.Notifications can be set to vibrate and beep.Vibration can be set at the end of the call.Frequency (1-3) to specifyAdjust the volume of the beepImproved for task killer software.
For example, this approach should be.Are you concerned that the call to become more than 10 minutes.
[Function]Repeat notifications in minutes.Or notification time (in minutes) can be set up to three.The default is 5 minutes is 10 minutes and 15 minutes notice.Basic and outgoing, incoming calls can be chosen arbitrarily.automatic hang up call.
[If the notification does not work]- Change the settings for the notification method.- Change the settings for the beep.
[Important]When the outgoing notification will be included in the time between calls,Call duration (in seconds) can be adjusted.Please register if necessary.